How I install and updateVisualStudio 2022 with an offline installer for ASP.NET CORE

Download the latest installer “vs_professional.exe” from the docs

You can easily download the latest VS install clis from the official docs for offline installations. In my case I am using VS_PROFESSIONAL and stored it in C:\VisualStudio

Download the “image” for ASP.NET Core

I am using Powershell in the context of my normal user to download the contents of Visual Studio. The image should be stored in C:\VisualStudio\Layout. Therefore I navigate to C:\VisualStudio with Powershell and run:

Install the image as an admin

Well for the installation I have to run an admin powershell console, navigate again to C:\VisualStudio and run the vs_professional.exe file from the subfolder “Layout” which was created earlier

Further readings and information:

All workloads in detail with their cli ids:



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